A COVID-19 vaccine-dare to dream

The global desire to produce and deploy a safe and effective vaccine to protect against SARS-CoV-2 is unprecedented. The UK Vaccine Taskforce has stated that the exit strategy depends on a vaccine that is effective in reducing mortality, improving population health by reducing serious disease and protecting the NHS.

The granting of emergency use designation to COVID-19 candidate vaccines: implications for COVID-19 vaccine trials

An efficacious COVID-19 vaccine is currently the world's leading research priority. Several nations have indicated they would be prepared to authorize emergency use or conditional approval on public health grounds if there is a compelling case for use of a vaccine before it is licensed. candidate vaccines attain emergency use designation and be programmatically deployed before their phase 3 trials conclude, such a strategy could have far reaching consequences for COVID-19 vaccine research and th

COVID-19 Vaccine To Vaccination: Why Leaders Must Invest In Delivery Strategies Now

Leaders must invest in evidence-based vaccine delivery strategies that generate demand, allocate and distribute vaccines, and verify coverage. There must be an understanding of the roots of vaccine hesitancy, involvement of trusted sources of authority in advocacy for vaccination, and commitment to engagement with communities. Lessons of past pandemics suggest that nations should invest in evidence-informed strategies to ensure that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines protect individual

COVID-19 - Important considerations for developing and using a vaccine

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 after emerging in China has caused a global pandemic. There are no clinical data yet suggesting that any available candidate vaccine will be effective for COVID-19. Extensive research is underway with some success in identifying monoclonal antibodies from recovered patients. In absence of a vaccine or a widely available effective therapy, quarantine and other preventive measures are essential in curtailing the risk of pandemic spread.

Impact of COVID-19 on women and children and the need for a gendered approach in vaccine development

Women and children are widely considered the most vulnerable in times of emergency, whether in war or during a pandemic. The inclusion of pregnant and lactating mothers in clinical trials for the development of vaccines is of vital importance, say the researchers. They suggest a gendered approach to ensure the specific needs of women and their newborns are considered.

Comparing COVID-19 vaccine allocation strategies in India: A mathematical modelling study

Researchers used an expanded SEIR model with social contact matrices to assess age-specific vaccine allocation strategies in India. Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccine allocation for older populations led to the greatest relative reduction in deaths. Findings support global recommendations to prioritize -19 vaccines for older age groups. Optimal vaccine allocation strategies will depend on vaccine characteristics, the strength of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines in older people

Older people and care home residents are likely to be amongst the first to be vaccinated, but these patient groups are usually excluded from clinical trials. Their safety and efficacy in older people is critical to their success. Although the speed and impact of the pandemic on older people with frailty justify an approach where they are offered vaccination first, patients and their carers and supervising health care professionals alike will need to make a decision on accepting vaccination base

COVID-19 - Recent advancements in identifying novel vaccine candidates and current status of upcoming SARS-CoV-2 vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 has spread rapidly. Studies on the roles of asymptomatic and mildly infected subjects in disease transmission, use of antiviral drugs, and vaccination of the general population will be very important for mitigating the effects of the eventual return of this pandemic.There also is a need to comprehensively compile the details of previous studies on SARS-related vaccines that can be extrapolated to identify potent vaccine targets for developing COVID-19 v