What Happens During Dialysis | Dr D Arun Kumar

We can access dialysis using a temporary Catheter & permanent solution. PD Catheter can be performed at home and takes less time. The catheter is inserted into a vein in the neck, chest, or upper leg. This is temporary. A fistula is access made by joining an artery and vein in your arm. This is permanent.

Biden Relaunches White House Fight Against Cancer

Taking cognizance of cancer as an important cause of mortality, relaunching "moonshot " initiative to bring down cancer mortality by 50 percent is a commendable policy by White House. These efforts hopefully will do greater good to the humanity

What Are Endocrine Disorders | Dr. S Sangeetha Santosh

Endocrine disorders are medical conditions where the endocrine system produces hormones that do not function correctly. Endocrine disorders cause an extensive range of symptoms. Most of the symptoms fold over with those of other conditions. This leads to endocrine disorders difficult in diagnosing, and it may require a number of tools and tests such as urine tests, imaging scans like MRI scans, genetic tests, hormone tests, blood tests, etc.,

Why Is My Skin So Dry When I Moisturize & Drink Water | Dr K S Ram

Dry skin is a severe condition marked by scaling, itching, and cracking. It can happen for a various range of reasons The exterior layer of your skin is made up of water about 15 - 20%. When it turns dehydrated, it loses its elasticity and leads to dryness. Health experts suggest drinking 2 liters of water every day. Different moisturizers work differently for different skin types. If you’re prone to dry skin, you might need thicker moisturizer than somebody with oilier skin.

Essential Skills For Every Doctor | Dr Abdul Khaliq

Why someone is successful when compared to others in clinical practice in spite of knowledge and surgical skills? Is it always hard work, luck, or location of the practice. An important ingredient is often neglected and not even taught in schools and colleges. Guess what it could be?

Padmasree Awardees in the field of Medicine - 2022

Receiving Padmasree is the recognition by the country for the immense work and contribution done by these doctors in their respective fields. It's a moment of pride for them and we at Umdaa Healthcare celebrate them.

What Is A Brain Stroke | Best Treatment For Brain Stroke In Secunderabad

Damage to the brain from stopping its blood supply. A stroke is a medical emergency. Symptoms of brain stroke include trouble in walking, speaking, or understanding, paralysis or weakness of the face, arm, or leg, sudden severe headache, dizziness. Early treatment with medication like tPA (clot buster) can reduce brain damage. Other treatments highlight selective complications and block additional strokes.

Importance Of Phrasing Messages | Dr Abdul Khaliq

Impatience while waiting their turn for consultation is often felt and sometimes expressed by the patients. Messages can be said in different ways. Proper phrasing of words helps in getting things done. I will be discussing how I got inspiration from the shown advertisement and then apply this logic in my clinical practice.